Will Halle Berry Return In ‘Days Of Future Past’?


What are the chances that Halle Berry will reprise her role of “Storm” in X-Men: Days of Future Past? Well there is a chance it will happen, even though I am sure many fans of the X-Men would just assume she not make the move. Check out more on this below courtesy of mtv.com, then make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s and Join in the Discussion!

The majority of the previous “X-Men” cast members are lining up at the ready for “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” but not everyone is on board just yet. Though actors from James McAvoy to Anna Paquin have announced their return, director Bryan Singer has revealed that the jury is still out on Halle Berry.

“I can’t say. I don’t know yet. And it’s not necessarily a deal making aspect at all,” Singer told MTV News in a recent interview. “I want to make sure it’ll make sense. But I love working with her.”

Singer is making a big point of having each of the returning characters in “Days of Future Past” serve a purpose. All told, McAvoy, Paquin, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Shawn Ashmore and Ellen Page have signed on to return, and Singer said that each of them has a very specific role.

“The story is designed and catered to the combined cast. It’s not just throwing in people to occupy the screen, occupy the billboards,” he explained. “The story ‘Days of Future Past,’ and our version of ‘Days of Future Past’ is geared very much toward the mass cast and all their relationships and all their foibles and their achievements.”

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” is due out on July 17, 2014.





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