WONDER WOMAN ‘Women’s Only Screening’s’ Op-Ed!

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Another brilliant move by Alamo Drafthouse, we need one in every city. A private, female only screening is a unique way for a Wonder Woman fan to enjoy this film. I say why not? What is so wrong with this concept? Why can’t a woman enjoy the film with other women fans? Why the uproar? I do not understand why people would be upset at this. It is not as if there are not or will not be co-ed screenings available.
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I have rented out the theater before, I have been to screenings of Rocky Horror, The Princess Bride, it is just another unique film experience. A gender specific screening, of a long anticipated film, by both men and women, may be problematic for some male Wonder Woman fans who want to see it first. I would counter this argument in saying that the type of audience you watch a movie with does indeed affect the experience. There will be themes and scenes that people will interpret differently based on life experiences and yes, gender too.

One great thing about Alamo Drafthouse is their rules, those alone provide a different experience than any normal theater.
So while there will be no talking or cel phones allowed or disruptions of any kind at any screening at a Drafthouse theater, I can imagine the atmosphere will certainly be different based on the make up of the audience.Exclusion based on gender should not be the norm, but as long as other alternatives are offered what does it really hurt? Sadly I can see this experience being ruined by a toxic atmosphere. We still have a need for “cosplay is not consent” and the fandom of comics and movies as a whole has a lot of maturing to do.
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I would think and hope that the fans who attend the movie could behave but reality shows a disconnect with that theory.
I for one am looking forward to this movie, I believe it will be the turning point for the DC franchise.

Alamo Drafthouse
prides itself on offering different experiences for movie goers.
This is just another in what I am sure will be a long successful series of alternative viewing formats.

June 2nd hurry up.

What is your opinion about the Wonder Woman ‘Women’s Only’ screenings? Sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


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