X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Welcomes Bishop And Warpath


X-men fans are going to be excited to know that Bishop and Warpath are going to be a part of X-Men: Days of Future Past. You have to give it too the film makers, they have listened to the fans and are working in as many popular characters as possible. Read more on this below, then join in the discussion after the JUMP!

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The day Bryan Singer discovered Vine videos should be celebrated as a holiday by all comic book movie aficionados. After showing off Ian McKellen on set in a Vine video, director Bryan Singer has teased two new additions to the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” cast.

The Vine video pans across a row of actor chairs on set, all labeled with the actor’s character name. Two surprises are included, alongside Logan, Xavier, Magneto, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Colossus and Blink: Bishop and James “Warpath” Proudstar. Check out the Vine video below.

This confirms that Bishop and Warpath are at least prominent enough characters to warrant a chair. But who is playing each character? I previously pegged Omar Sy as Bishop, among four other possibilities. Bishop’s a time-traveling mutant with the ability to absorb and redirect all forms of energy; he also has the mutant power of big guns. Bishop debuted in “Uncanny X-Men” #281 in 1991 and immediately jumped into the Fox cartoon series. Bishop played a crucial role in the cartoon’s adaptation of “Days of Future Past,” and the same may hold true for the film adaptation.

I guessed that Booboo Stewart would be playing Warpath (or his older brother Thunderbird) after seeing the actor sporting long hair similar to both characters. James “Warpath” Proudstar first appeared in 1984’s “New Mutants” #16 as a member of the Hellions. He initially sought revenge on the X-Men after his older brother, John, died on his second mission with the team. Warpath possesses heightened senses and physical abilities and is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He also enjoys using really big knives. Booboo is about a foot and a half shorter than Warpath (the character is huge) but that’s a problem that movie magic could easily solve. Right?

It’s not wise to rule out the newly-announced Adan Canto for either role. Either way, Warpath and Bishop are two of my favorite X-Men characters, and I am glad they’re getting some big screen love.


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