X-Men: Days of Futures Past “Mutant Museum”!

Bryan Singer the director of X-Men: Days of future Past has tweeted yet another very interesting picture of a “Mutant Museum”. Check out the pic and story below and see how you think it plays into the movie after the JUMP!

(Source: mtv.com)

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” director Bryan Singer loves his TwitPics, that’s for sure. So far he’s dropped hints about Quicksilver, shown off a full-sized Sentinel, given us a tease of Mystique, and today he took his followers on a quick tour of someone’s mutant museum—and part of it ain’t pretty.

The full picture contains a number of artifacts linking “X-Men: Days of Future Past” to it’s predecessor, “X-Men: First Class”—including the coin Magneto killed Sebastian Shaw with, Havok’s damaged flight suit, Magneto’s helmet, and Angel Salvadore’s wings. That last item is the gruesome one, hinting at a not-too-happy ending for the almost X-Man. But who could this display belong to? Could these be some of Bolivar Trask’s trophies, following a wave of Sentinel destruction? Or are all the props from past X-Films kept up in such a neat way?


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