X-Men Director Bryan Singer faces Rape Charges!


It was reported today that due to sexual assault charges against him X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer will no longer be publicly involved in promoting the movie. For more on this story check out the article below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: comicbookmovie.com/buzzfeed)

In an expected move, it seems the director has decided it’d be best to bow out of all future promotion for his new X-flick in light of the sexual abuse allegations against him. Singer also says that at the time of the alleged abuse, he can prove that he was shooting X-Men 1 in Canada.

Buzzfeed reports that Bryan Singer will not be doing any press to support X-Men: Days of Future Past. We figured this would be the case, as the director has found himself in the middle of a very serious situation involving allegations of rape — although he has denied any wrongdoing through his lawyer Martin Singer (no relation), who calls the claims made against Singer “completely fabricated.” Singer apparently also has an alibi for the dates Michael Egan claims the abuse took place (Hawaii in August and October, 1999), and says he was in Toronto in the midst of pre-production on the first X-Men film. According to TMZ, he will file credit card bills and various other documents proving he was in Toronto during the times in question.


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