1983 G.I. Joe Base vs 1992 G.I. Joe Base Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m taking a look at 2 G.I. Joe bases. I own each of them and they are both very cool. First the 1983 base which was a staple in the original cartoons. This is one of the best large play sets in the G.I. Joe lineup. First you have the signature front with the large gun placed in the middle of the base. This is very iconic and just looks awesome. Various features such as repair and docking bays were designed to hold a Vamp and a Mobat. The center portion is the control room, prison cell and a couple station up stairs that lead to the center gun and a couple other areas to mount guns to fend off any attack by Cobra. There is also a helicopter landing pad which is a loose piece and can be placed on any side you choose. All around this is a great piece and displays a large amount of Joe’s at one time.

The 1992 base was not iconic like the Original and there is no place to park vehicles but this did have a lot more action moving parts. By the time 1992 rolled around all the vehicles and figures were loaded with flashing lights, electronic sound, and spring loaded missiles. This base folds up into a neat little package to be stored more easily, and when it is folded out it becomes an intense large play set. I like the firing weapons and trap platforms to fling the enemy off the top of the building and it is an all around fun toy to play with. I will always love the early years of G.I. Joe as those are the ones I grew up with, the original base is just awesome. I never had any of the 90s stuff growing up, but I do have a lot of the 90s stuff now and I’m finding a great deal satisfaction in the differences of the 90s stuff as compared to the 80s stuff. I really like the 1992 base as well there is some good value there. I’m trying to figure out how to display them together. I would like to put them at 2 different ends and add a 1997 G.I. Joe the Movie obstacle course in between, I think that would look pretty sweet. Let me know what you think of these bases and if you have a favorite AFTER THE JUMP. Check back tomorrow, I think it may be time to start checking out some cobra stuff.



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