Agents of SHIELD 4×16 ‘Agents of Hydra’ Promo Released!

Agents of Shield is going on its mid-season hiatus. And, it looks like when it returns so will ‘Hydra‘. In addition popular SHIELD cast member Bret Dalton is also returning for this upcoming story arc. Agents of SHIELD return with ‘Agents of Hydra‘ on Tuesday April 4th at 9pm Central. Join in the conversation AFTER THE JUMP!

“We figured when you get dropped into an alternate reality, what better way to show that it might not be everything you imagined than the return of one of our most loved and most hated characters. Also, we wanted to have Brett back. We missed him,” executive producer Jed Whedon told EW.

And what about Anton, who’s head is in a glass case. Will he become MODOK? “Well, no, we can’t really say what he is. He’s definitely his own creature, but we can’t comment really as to if he’s based on a Marvel character or not,” added Whedon.

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