ArtStorm EX Gokin Alpha Trion Official Images!

ArtStorm EX Gokin Alpha Trion Official Images and Details of Transformers Figure (2)__scaled_600

If you love Alpha Trion and are tired of Waiting for Takara and Hasbro to make a good figure of him, now is your chance to own one. Thanks ToThird Party Transformers Company ArtStorm there is a new Alpha Trion figure coming and it is superb. Check out the info and images below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


The official ArtStorm web site has posted new images and details for their EX Gokin Alpha Trion action figure exclusive. Get a look at the figure in full color shown in many different poses to demonstarte how articulated the figure is. We also have a list of the acessories included with the figure that will be released in August 2014 in Japan for a price of 9,800 yen (excluding tax) / $100 USD. Read on to see all the images and the translated details.
Cybertron elder alpha stringent

Product Specifications: Non-Scale / Painted
Product Size: Height approx 145mm
Material: Die cast · ABS · PVC · POM
The set includes:

alpha stringent × 1,
× left and right hand each one,
grip the left and right hand × 1,
1 × each left and right handle,
right Sashite × 1,
A3 head × 1,
A3 shoulder left and right parts × 1,
open base stand

Price: 9,800 yen (excluding tax)
August 2014: release

New series [EX alloy Transformers series] is born in EX alloy!
Survivor of the first generation of the previous with the deformation capacity, is one of the super-robot life with a life for the first time in Cybertron “Autobot elder alpha stringent” lineup is the first step.
I adopt a pull-out joint and double joint, and realize a wide range of motion. In addition, the replacement of parts, reproducible of late middle age also “A3”.
※ There is the case that specification is different from the actual product.


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