Botcon 2015 Toys Accidentally Leaked?


It seems up to 5 of the upcoming Exclusive figures for Botcon 2015 may have been accidentally leaked early. Check out the details on this below and find out which figures are coming and let us know what you think after the JUMP!


Pete Sinclair of Fun Publications was recently interviewed over video, and in the process seems to have let a bit too much fall in frame. Based on an enhanced screencap by well known fan Monzo, we’ve identified and highlighted the toys that are visible. The image is low-res, but with some work defining the edges the forms of the figures can be made out well enough. Of course this is likely a spoiler for some of this year’s convention toys, so please keep that in mind before proceeding. For full info, keep reading!

The two figures whose identities seem obvious are Packrat and Glyph, represented by blue recolors of Generations Rattrap and Classics Bumblebee, respectively. Both characters are pre-existing entities in Botcon fiction, with Packrat being anticipated from almost the moment the new Rattrap mold’s existence was revealed.

A recolor of Reveal The Shield Jazz in what looks to be red and white is too vague to say for sure what it could be. If the toolings are available, seeing use of the parts for the canceled Nightbeat retool would be a great excuse to bring this mold back in to play for a convention set.

Arms Micron Breakdown appears in what is either olive green or tan that’s tinted by the room lighting. This would mark the first official release of this Breakdown mold in the US in any form.

Generations Springer in blue and grey is speculated as potentially being Battletrap, the Duocon comprised of a car and helicopter. More Than Meets The Eye put forth the notion of reimagining Duocon characters as triplechangers with Flywheels, and there is certainly merit to the idea. Blue Bacchus from Transformers Victory was also suggested, which would have the benefit of being nicely obscure, and offering the opportunity to complete a character pair with Generations Sky Shadow/Black Shadow.

We should have some of our speculation answered in the course of the next few months as the boxset figures are officially revealed. Of course if any of these might be at-show add-on figures, it might be until the night before the convention begins before we have final confirmation. But this looks like it could be an interesting and fairly diverse Botcon set!


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