Get the skinny on The Interview!


Banned by North Korea.
Major concern caused for the safety of moviegoers all across the U.S.
Tensions mount.

Then it all blows over and anyone anywhere can see the film.
Just released to Netflix for basically free, Netflix sent out an email letting everyone know,
and yes like everyone else my curiosity got the best of me and I watched it.

It was not bad.
It was funny in parts.
Extremely violent in other parts.
It was just what I expected, except for the ending. That caught me off guard.
It had the crass humor you have come to expect from Seth Rogen.
I really did not laugh at any of that. Not my cup of tea.
There were a couple of spots that were genuinely funny.
Could not have been too funny since I already forgot what parts.

The plot is the CIA contacts a tabloid reporter Maury Povich E! news interviewer who has landed the interview of the century.
They want to assassinate him. Which is a really ridiculous idea, but the pair of TV goofballs go for it.
There is a lot of honeypotting going on by both sides, the CIA, the reporter, and of course Kim Jong Un.
The poison is lost on the first day. A bodyguard eats it thinking it is gum. Now this in itself is ridiculous. Anyone worth their salt would not chew it but have it sent to a lab to be analyzed. However if that happened there would be no movie because without the security officer, very violently dying and killing his partner, Kim would never have shown his true nature to Skylark.
It is too late though because Skylark destroys the poison bandaid sent to replace the other one.
There were two sent and Rogen keeps the other one.
It is that event that leads to a revolution of sorts.
Rogen has a chance to shake Kim’s hand but Skylark stops him.
Rogen beds the propaganda minister only to find out she is organizing a revolution of her own.
With no more band aids the three decide to throw the interview.
Rogen is in the control room with the Minister and Skylark interviews Kim.
At first he throws some softball questions after Kim gives him a puppy. Then he tries to hit Kim with hardball questions and fails.
So Skylark does what he does best and turns the interview into a recap of what he learned the day before when Kim was being “nice ” to him.
Chaos erupts in the control room. Fingers are bitten off and shots are fired.
Kim, losing control in the interview, shoots Skylark in the chest.
There is then a chase scene and Skylark steals the tank from Kim’s garage.
Kim orders his nukes to be fired as he is completely out of control now.
They use the tank and blow up Kim in his helicopter as Katy Perry’s Firework plays on. (movie injoke)
The Propaganda minister gets the two out of the country.
The whole thing plays out just like Skylark told the CIA agent it would.
Rogen gets the MInister and Skylark gets the CIA agent (heroes get the girl)

Now given all the hype is the movie worth seeing?
funny? only in a few parts.
violent…heck yeah. Too violent for a comedy. It was not even comedic violence, it was realistic violence.
Enjoyable? debatable. The potty humor really detracts from the overall movie. In fact if you had removed all the body part and scatological jokes it would have been much better.
Believable? no.
Worth all the fuss? I can see why in a way because of what does happen and the message of revolution.
It is just a movie but there is a precedent for not planting ideas in people’s minds throughout history, and I think that was the real fear of what this movie, regardless of how dumb, might cause.
Did it depict Kim as a ruthless supreme leader? sometimes, but for the most part, he was portrayed as just one of the guys, until it turned sour.

Curiosity has been satisfied and for “free” on Netflix.
So if you are just dying to see it, now you can.

Let us know what you think after the JUMP!


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