CODE NAME: NEW2VERO2 PRESENTS – August Comic Book Pick Ups!

Hello Friends, now that Cobra Convergence has come and gone, we are back to normal. Here are this Month’s ( Aug) Comic Books us GenXers might wanna check out. I think the following books will draw upon that Retro vibe all of us hold dear.

Fresh off of a RetroBlasting epic 3 part history of Robotech, here is a new comic retelling the epic macross saga for a new Generation, new Secret Wars Spider-Man adventure which features him donning the Black Suit, and Aero, a book I just think is beautifully drawn and reminds me of Japanese Anime. Lastly, ( be it Late) Black Major Snake-Eyes Clone Wave 2 Sample. Check out this week’s video in the player below then MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and join in the conversation. As always be sure and subscribe to my youtube channel for all my latest videos!


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