CONFIRMED – Transformers Generations Combiner Wars ‘Devastator’!


I had been thinking recently, how can you have an entire year of Transformers based on Combiners and not include the most popular combiner of all time, ‘Devastator‘! Well, it seems that our old favorite Decepticon is actually going to be part of the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars line after all. Get the details on this below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


An employee of a Canadian Toys R Us store has posted images of the text-based inventory screens containing information for the heavily rumored Combiner Wars Devastator. This is our first real verification of what has so far been the subject of second and third hand information with nothing to substantiate it. While its exact nature is still up for speculation, we can now be well assured this is a product Hasbro is soliciting to retailers, which means we should get a great big look at it come Toy Fair about one month from now. Keep reading for more information!

Thanks to Seibertron member william-james88 for taking these images of the Toys R Us inventory system. While not all the details can be seen clearly, the line and product name are visible, as is the reported Canadian price of $179.99. New with this infor is the retailer’s cost per item, $120, or about $100 US Dollars. While we can’t say if these numbers will be directly applicable to the US release, it gives us a good look at the difference between the store’s cost and what we pay.

Again, we have a good chance of being shown Devastator at Toy Fair next month, and TFormers, ENI, and Radio Free Cybertron will be there to bring you ongoing coverage of the event, so be sure to stay with us for the latest updates!


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