Covid 19 – The Pandemic That Will Change The World By Mitchell Smith!

Story by Mitchell Smith

It wasn’t long ago the United States were getting ready for the NCAA Basketball March madness, people were waiting for spring to pop to start enjoying their favorite outdoor activities, and people could find toilet paper in stores. At the beginning of March the Corona Virus was something happening over seas and most of us used it as a way to make funny Tik Toks, jokes at school, and even formulate large political conspiracies that might sway the upcoming presidential election. Now here we are a couple weeks later and I think a lot of those attitudes have changed. The dreaded virus is spreading throughout our country now too, and in hopes to isolate the spreading and stop the flooding of hospitals who will be forced to pick and choose who is treatable and who will just have to suffer and perhaps die from some other illness, our country is slowly closing doors on many businesses, especially venues that rely on large groups of people such as sport venues, movie theaters, and concerts.

This is history in the making. 100 years from now some high school kid will be writing a report how the Covid 19 virus changed the economic structure of the world. They may very well be writing how the virus affected the global economy and how the world responded to rebuild after it’s collapse. One thing is for certain though the world will be forever changed and although there seems to be the instant negatives this virus is causing such as people sick or even dyeing, people out of work and the economy going into the tank, and the over all scare and uncertainty of the effects of this virus will have on our world, eventually we will get a grasp on this thing and be able to treat it, control it, and prevent it for the most part so in the short term I see us all on strict lock down until we do figure out what this Corona Virus is capable of.

I do see some positives changes perhaps much needed changes in our world in the midst of this pandemic. In the long run and the grand scheme of things I see lots of positives coming out of this and I hope some or most do come about. The first thing I notice is there are many jobs in which people can work from home. Maybe not 40 hours a week but people are getting by doing certain tasks from their computers at home. In today’s busy world many parent both need to work full time jobs to make ends meet. Maybe 1 or both parents may be allowed to work from home part of the time and be at home more for the kids and their significant others. Who knows maybe there will be studies to show that people working from home are more productive at home then in the office, maybe because they work next to the wicked witch of the north in the office or something like that, or maybe people are just more alert and comfortable in their own homes.

I do think getting out and have some social interaction is great, so maybe not cut out the office completely, maybe a 10-2 job would become the norm and working from home outside of those hours at one’s leisure. It is almost certain all countries will take a huge financial hit across the globe. This normally isn’t a good thing, but what if countries were busy rebuilding the economies and had no time to wage frivolous wars on other countries. Maybe we could even build a system where countries help other countries and we eliminate the constant threats for more power and more greed. IDK just a crazy thought. This thing I think will strengthen our country and make people evaluate their lives, their values, their attitude, and their whole outlook on life. We as a nation and as a world will get through this pandemic. I just hope we come out a better person in the end. Everyone stay safe, stay smart, this is a battle the world will conquer together.


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