G.I.Joe ‘Flash’ Reviewed by Mitchell Smith!

1982 Flash

One of my all time favorite G.I. Joe’s is the 1982 Flash. This was one of the first figures I received as a child for Xmas in 1982. The Unique thing about the 1982 figures is they are the only year with with straight arms and only year to get the signature swivel arms as a 1.5 version in 1983. A feature that was added to the figures for better articulation for holding weapons and gear. Something the older generation was used to seeing with the 12 inch figures. Flash was always one of my favorite figures. He was very recognizable with his orange protective pads, and I liked the head sculpt better then Grand Slams, but I do like them both very much.

The 82 figures are quite unique from the other figures because they took the same head sculpt and painted it black, brown, and yellow and made them 3 different characters. At 7 years old I didn’t really pay that close attention nor did I really care. I think this is why I still love Flash and the rest of the 1982 series more then perhaps any of the other line ups. These were relatively simple characters but it worked, I never once said to myself as a child “why does Rock N Roll look similar to Breaker”, it was more like I want a Clutch so Breaker can ride with him in the Vamp.” I never had any trouble figuring out who was Hawk, who was Short Fuse, or who Flash was, it was simple but it worked and it worked well.

The bodies helped the figures stand out individually. Flash and Grand Slam had the same body but their head was so different it was easy to distinguish them from each other. The design was very cool to me at the time and I still love it. Flash needing pads to protect his body just braught a certain amount of badass to his character. I know I got this feeling that this is one of the toughest Joes. He’s dealing with something that could do some real damage to himself, so he needs these pads for added protection. Which comes to the 3rd thing that made this lineup so cool. They had weapons. Cool looking weapons and each and every figure was somewhat basic compared to the rest of the Joe years but they were easy to distinguish do to their weapons.

Flash had one of the coolest weapons of the 1982 lineup. A futuristic type laser gun. Even though the cartoon featured laser blasts for all of the weapons, this was more of a continuous laser where the other weapons were a broken laser beam to indicate these were more like a normal rifle. This was a laser rifle, very cool. I always loved the face shields on the original figures, again simple but effective. This just brought an even larger attraction to this figure as a 7 year old. Flash did get a couple updated figures over the years including a 25th Style that was very cool. I nice clean crisp 1982 Flash with tight joint is to die for though.

I never was much into the comics I think mostly because I grew up in a small town and they were not readily available plus I don’t like to read. Comments are welcome and anything you can add that you like about this character from the figure, comics, or your favorite cartoon episode, feel free to drop a line I’d love to hear what you have to say AFTER THE JUMP!


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