CUSTOM ACTION FIGURES: 101 “Parts Swapping”!


CUSTOM ACTION FIGURES: 101 “Parts Swapping” – Star Wars/ GI Joe Lower Leg Swap
By Rob Panick aka General Panick


In this edition of CUSTOM ACTION FIGURES: 101, we’re going to be discussing swapping parts between toy lines, more specifically I’m going to show you how to swap Star wars lower legs over to GI Joe/ Marvel Universe style knees.
For those of you who don’t already know, there are some key differences between the leg joints of modern, super-articulated Star Wars figures and modern GI Joe/ MU figures.


First the Star Wars figures. Modern SW action figures use a “peg style” joint to connect the upper and lower legs. This allows the knee to bend as well as swivel.


Modern GI Joe/ MU figures use a “double jointed” style “knee” to attach the upper and lower legs. (The exception to this is in the case of some of the earlier modern Joe figures that only have a single joint connecting the leg parts.)


Here you can see a custom figure I made using Star Wars lower legs on MU upper legs and knees.


To swap these parts, you’re first going to need to remove the “peg” joint from the SW lower leg. Using a hobby knife, gently cut down the side of the joint until you slice though the internal peg in the knee. Then, spread open the knee joint and remove the swivel. Heating the lower leg up a bit with a hair dryer will make this part easier.



Once you have the joint removed from the SW lower leg, you will have to modify the lower hole in the knee that you’re swapping it onto. Using a drill bit of the correct size, enlarge the hole in the Joe knee so that the internal peg in the SW lower leg will fit into it.


Once your lower leg is mounted on the GI Joe knee, use a toothpick to apply a small dab of super glue gel to the face of the internal peg and squeeze it together. Move the knee joint through it’s range of motion while applying pressure to keep it from gluing to the lower leg. And that’s it!



Even though this is a pretty simple swap to make, as always I do suggest that you practice on “beater” figures before trying this with a good figure. Remember, practice makes perfect and you’ll never be able to do anything until you try it!


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