New ‘Arrow’ Promo all but Confirms ‘Green Lantern’ for Season #4!


The fan community has bantered about for over a year about whether or not Diggle would become Green Lantern on ‘Arrow‘ Season #4. And while the kibosh has been cleanly put on that rumor, it looks like Green Lantern is coming to ‘Arrow‘ season #4 after all, only it may be Hal Jordan and notJohn Stewart. Today there is a new promo image for the show that all but confirms Green Lantern’s appearance. Check out the photos and details below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


There were a lot of apparent nods to Hal Jordan throughout season one of The Flash and season three of Arrow, but it’s since been denied that he’s going to be arriving in the latter, despite the fact that Oliver Queen will be spending time in Coast City when the show returns. If anything, this piece of production art makes his arrival seem even less likely as it borrows from Green Lantern’s classic mantra. Of course, if we do meet Hal in the flashbacks, he’s likely years away from getting that ring and going to Oa, so this would be a pretty cool background piece which pays homage to the comics.

Do you think we’ll see Hal make an appearance in season four of Arrow or were those Easter Eggs just meaningless? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts and theories in the usual place.


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