Detailed Look at New MOTU Classics Scorpia!


Today we have a detailed look at the brand new MOTU Classics Scorpia figure. The detail and craftsmanship on this offering is fantastic. Check out all the images below then make the JUMP to the forum and read the full review and share your thoughts!

(Source: thefwoosh)

Say what you will about Hordak; he might be an intergalactic despot whose primary focus is conquering planets to enslave the native populace under his fascist boot, but at least he is an equal opportunity employer. Let’s face it, Skeletor only lets one female prowl the caverns of Snake Mountain, King Hssss runs an all-male army, and even Randor only has one lady in his ranks, so what gives? Devastating dictator he may be, at least Hordak is not afraid to bring some powerful females into his undying ranks. Shadow Weaver, Catra, and Entrapta are great examples of this, and before the defection, Adora was Hordak’s favorite protégé. Scorpia is one of the most oft used enforcers as well, and she has been putting the hurt on the subjects of Etheria for decades now. However, for the first time ever, she is getting her due in plastic as the May 2014 Masters of the Universe Classics figure, and we cannot be more excited.

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