New Figma Avengers Action Figure Details Emerge!


A new images posted in an over seas magazine of upcoming Figma Avengers figures has emerged, and the figures look to be fantastic. Check out more on the image and the possibility of these figures below and let us know what you think after the JUMP!

(Source: thefwoosh)

RoboKillah posted magazine scans over the weekend with more details about the figures. Granted they are in Japanese but we can get most of the details, like scale. Which is important, but more importantly, these look amazing. Thor and Iron Man look like shrunken down Hot Toys figures. They are simply amazing. This has to be the best six inch versions I’ve seen of an Iron Man action figure, and I though the S.H. Figurarts, not perfect, were going to be the pinnacle of Iron Man figures. I was wrong. If Figma’s production figures wind up anything like the pictured figures then they will have accomplished something not even Hasbro has done, a perfect six inch scaled Iron Man figure.

And that Thor Figure is a thing of beauty. Yes, this is a Movie figure, it isn’t a comic version, but wow, it is beautiful! I like the Captain America figure, yeah the head sculpt needs a lot of work to match a “lifelike” rendition of Cap from the movie, but I’m willing to give that a pass. I love this figure, I think he might look better than Cap did in the movie, much more streamlined. I cannot wait to have these figures.

Where is Hulk? That seems to be the big question that everyone is asking. And I would like to know where Hulk is as well. The figure pictured was beautiful, literally looked like a shrunken down Hot Toys figure. Simply beautiful. Let’s hope that he will be part of a wave two with Hawkeye and Black Widow.

I hope these figures come out of the factory without quality issues and looking like the pictured figures. I really hope they do. And if they do, and sell well, I’ll be all over ordering more.


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