“Diving into the Modern Era: Exploring the Evolution of G.I. Joe Figures from 2007 Onward, with a Spotlight on the Unique 2007 Doc and the World of Customization”

Welcome to the Outpost. I’ve been taking a look at the modern Joes as a whole, but I also want to put some of my favorite modern 2007-now figures under the microscope. 2007 as I mentioned was the dawn of a new era, the 25th modern style Joe. One of the most distinct features is the removable head. The overall design made it relatively simple to swap heads and other body parts to customize figures. Although Hasbro produced a good amount of the original figures some were left out and some became highly priced Club or Convention Exclusives that were out of range for a lot of collectors.

The Club exclusives and Convention exclusives did produce some cool figures though. The 2007 Doc was an original O-ring figure with a modern look. Doc was a female Doc named Carla Greer. She is the niece of legendary Doc Carl Greer. Carla is an interesting character. Her file card has quite a bit of meat about her working at a local Detroit hospital. She was discouraged as it was riddled with criminals. She sought out a more deserving people to tend to, so she joined the military and was recruited by GI Joe.

I think it’s a cool story and I would love to see Doc someday in a cartoon and maybe even with a modern Classified figure. This is a great figure and I hope to get this version or the modern version one day. Who was able to get one of these Doc figures? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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