DX9 Chiguhr Masterpiece-esque Not Astrotrain Video Review!


Today we have a look at the new Third Party Transformers, ‘DX9 Chiguhr‘ or ‘Not Masterpiece Astrotrain‘. If you would like to add a great Masterpiece scale version of Astrotrain to your home display, this is definitely a legit chance to do it. Check out the video review for the figure below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: TFormers.com)

Vangelus has posted a new review video featuring a pre-release copy of Chiguhr, DX9 Toys’ take on a jumbo-size notionally Masterpiece-compatible Astrotrain. While the review goes over the stylistic mismatch between Chiguhr and actual Masterpieces, it makes a strong case for identifying the toy with a Classics collection. Keep reading to have a look at the embedded video!


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