Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria Dino Mode “Not Masterpiece Slag”!

Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria Dino Mode Images Show Compairson with MP Grimlock (2)__scaled_600

If your Masterpiece Grimlock figure is feeling lonely on your Transformers shelf, you will want to add this awesome Third Party Transformers offering from Fans Toys to it. Today we have a look at FT-04 Scoria Dino which is an homage to G1 Slag. Check out the details below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Fans Toys have posted some new images of their FT-04 Scoria figure in Dino mode. The homage to Slag which they will call Scoria and one will assume he will be in MP scale is shown in Compairson with MP Grimlock and Quakewave. Fans are hoping Fan Toys will be giving us the all the MP Dinobots to make Grimmy happy. Check out the pictures of the Fan Toys now for the full look at what’s to come.

Scoria stands at 25cm / 10 inches tall. This figure will also come with a back gun/armor piece for MP-08 (MP-08 sold separately) that can separate and attach to the bottom of his feet in robot mode, giving him increased height. This piece is said to work with all versions of MP-08.



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