Fans Want Hasbro to give Transformers Prime Good Ending!

Fans Want Hasbro Studios and The Hub Channel to give Transformers Prime season 3 Respectable Ending__scaled_600

As we recently reported, Hasbro and The Hub have decided to end Transformers Prime with the Third Season. But fans want to have their say in this matter. Check out below and sign the petition to Hasbro to take the time to give Transformers Prime a Respectable ending rather than just cutting it off.

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Unfortunately, recent news have confirmed what we have never wanted to hear: The great animated series, Transformers Prime, will be cancelled this year once its third season of thirteen episodes finishes. Although the news was to be expected, since as we know, the new science fiction movie directed by Michael Bay, Transformers 4, to be released in 2014, will make Hasbro focus its attention on the toys and merchandising, it still causes commotion among the great majority of the fans.

We request that, though the show is to be cancelled, at least, it has a respectable end at its high. Transformers Prime does not deserve to end as bad as it finished its predecesor, Transformers Animated.

Perhaps we are late, as season three it’s about to start in aproximately a month and it may be probably finished. But we beg channel “The Hub” and “Hasbro Studios” to do something about it. Maybe a especial tv movie-like episode or any other kind of extra episode where the series can actually have a satisfying ending.

As said before, it is not only a request for a better ending and for the series in itself, but also a request for the thousands of people who have been following it since its beginning, for the lots of fans that it has gained. That is why we are going to try to collect worldwide as many signs as necessary and send you the request afterwards.

We hope you do something about it – Sign the Peition Now

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