‘X-Men’ Mansion Starts The Comic-Con Countdown!


We have a great early shot of the X-Men Mansion for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Below also are a few tidbits about the upcoming film leading into this summer’s highly anticipated San Diego Comic Con!

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(Source mtv.com)

Bryan Singer is feeling mighty confident in “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” based on the rate he’s been tossing out photos, casting announcements and other assorted teases onto the web. You might be sharing that confidence pretty soon — as soon as Comic-Con, in fact.

Singer’s latest tweet from the set of “Days of Future Past” shows a set in its early stages of construction. It’s an early design, but all signs point to the set in question being the underbelly of the X-Mansion. That question could very well get an answer soon, however, based on Singer’s enigmatic tease about the summer’s hottest convention.

“How many days until @Comic_Con?” is all he asks along with the posted picture. That’s enough of a tease to let us know that something big — a recreated set on the show floor, a first look at the film’s trailer, or some other form of footage — is likely to appear at the San Diego convention this year.

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