Fewture Direct Ultimetal UM-03 Megatron Video Review!


Ever wanted the a truly accurate G1 Megatron action figure with all the articulation that a modern Transformer deserves? Well now you will soon be able to own one thanks to latest the Third Party Transformers offering from Fewture Direct. Check out “Ultimetal UM-03” below and let us know what you think after the JUMP!

(Source: tformers.com)

Thanks to YouTuber 2Old4Toys have video preview of the Fewture Direct Ultimetal release- UM-03 Megatron. Following their Optimus Prime Figure, the Decepticon leader gets in line. While we don’t see it yet, it is expected the non-transforming figure will have the cut-away feature that shows the inner workings of the robot’s functions as well as the lights and other features we saw on the UM-01. See the video of the Fewture Direct Ultimetal UM-03 Megatron below.



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