First Behind-The Scenes Footage From G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes!

From an office in Vancouver, Frederick Vinas @Frederick_Vinas on Twitter, was informed that Snake Eyes was shooting a scene right outside his office window. He grabbed his camera and shot a few quick seconds of a take.

The scene is a quick one. Several actors rush into a building from both the right and left through a garage door, hands on their swords. The costuming is red and black modern clothing. They run into the building and the door closes right as they enter. You cannot tell if there are any main actors in the scene. Frederick assumes these are Yakuza however one cannot say for sure. They could be the rival clan we have heard rumored to be led by Kenta, or they could be something different entirely. I think it is safe to say that it is not a period film set in the seventies, but I would not want to assume too much. Huge thanks to The Full ForcePodcast and YoJoe for finding and retweeting, and of course Frederick, for posting the footage.
We are underway. Hopefully more scenes will be popping up from around Vancouver.

Are you excited to see the new G.I.Joe: Snake Eyes movie? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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