THE POP EXPOSE ‘Cobra Terror Drome’ By Mitchell Smith!

The Cobra Terror Drome!

G.I. Joe had several bases over the years including the original 1983 base, The Flagg, and the several other mobile and stationary bases. Cobra really only had 1 large base the Terror Drome. I have seen a Terror Drome but I have never owned one and never played with one. The toy is pretty cool, and was able to retain that coolness over time. The control room is the top of the building so it is easy to set up and display.

There are different rooms underneath and the Fire Bat that comes out of the center is just one cool feature. The cartoon did have some other bases of sorts, but this was pretty much it. This is a cool design and very unique compared to all the other Joe bases. I guess it was so well put together or so nicely designed that Cobra didn’t need another Base.

I’ve thought about adding one to my collection, but it’s a lot of money to shell out, so I think I will hold off on this one. Even if G.I.Joe makes a come back I don’t think we will ever see a Terror Drome made for the modern style figures. It could be done if someone came at Hasbro had the passion that all those great guys had back in the 80’s. Till then I guess I will have to just use my imagination on displaying my own Terror Drome.

Do you have a Terror Drome in your collection? Let us know and show some pictures if you have any AFTER THE JUMP!

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