First Look at ‘The Flying Grayson’s’ on Fox’s ‘Gotham’!


We reported earlier this year that the parents of Dick Grayson, the man who will eventually become ‘Robin‘ will be a part of the ‘Gotham‘ series on Fox. Today we have an early look behind the scenes on the set of Gotham at ‘The Flying Grayson’s‘. Check out the images below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: comicbookmovie)

The sixteenth episode of Gotham was being shot earlier this week, and Vixen Varsity have rounded up some photos and details from the set of the hit Fox series. As you can see below, “The Flying Graysons” are already a big part of Haly’s Circus, while Jim Gordon and Dr. Leslie Thompkins will obviously become an item pretty soon based on Morena Baccarin’s WhoSay post. The site adds that there will be a fight between the clowns and trapeze artists, with Gordon later questioning the ringmaster and “an evil clown” following a murder. Could this be some sort of nod to The Joker? It’s unlikely, but you never know! Dick Grayson’s parents meanwhile are much younger at this point, so we’ll be meeting them as Mary Lloyd and John Grayson, with the former apparently the daughter of a clown who is in love with John, the son of a trapeze artist.

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