First Look Uranos Color Images of “Not Superion”!

First Look Uranos Color Images Show Off the Completed NOT Superion Ultimate Combiner Team__scaled_600

If Superion is one of your favorite Transformers, you will not want to miss out on “Uranos”. This great third party offering is stellar and a must have for any collector. Check out more information on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Finally! Thanks to the TFC Toys page who have posted our first first good look at the COMPLETE Uranos Not Superion combined in full color. We’ve been looking at a lot of prototypes of the team member toys. So its really nice to finally see the whole set combined in full color with the gestalt head on. Check out the color images of the TFC Toys Uranos showing the Completed Ultimate Combiner Team for more details.


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