First Spider-Man Action Figure From ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Spotted!


It looks like we have our first look at one of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, ‘Spider-Man‘ action figures. One thing is for sure, the look that Spidey is Sporting, is a definite throwback to the classic Marvel Spider-Man from the 1960’s. Check out the details on this figure below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

The action figure itself looks really awesome and I really like the web shooters. This Spider-Man action figure is listed as part of an “exclusive” 8-pack of action figures, including Ant-Man, Captain America, Falcon, War Machine, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Black Panther. However, it is never made clear where this set of Marvel action figures is exclusive to. There is a similar 9-pack, which does not include Spider-Man and is available at Wal-Mart stores and online. It is noted on the box that the Spider-Man figure is a ‘special edition’.

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