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On Tuesday, April 26th, more than 1,500 fans came out to The Town Hall theater in NYC to celebrate Alien Day with a screening of James Cameron’s Aliens and afterwards a Q & A with Sigourney Weaver. It was amazing to see the love that was shown for the film nearly 30 years after its release in July of 1986.

Sigourney came out and welcomed everyone to the first ever nationwide celebration of LV-426 / ALIEN DAY /
4.26.16 – a date paying tribute, of course to the desolate LV-426 featured in both films. The audience erupted in applause. She admitted it’s been “quite a while” since she’s seen Aliens. But after the show she confessed “It’s so much fun seeing it in a proper theater instead of a TV screen, so I’m glad I waited. It was worth the wait.”

After her brief greeting and intro, Sigourney disappeared off staged, joined the crowd (somewhere), and the lights dimmed. Then the film began. As the actors, directors, writers, and crews name’s flashed through the opening credits the audience continued to applued. Everyone watched the movie as though it was their first time seeing the blockbuster. Throughout the movie cheering on the Colonial Marines, especially Private Vasquez, Ripley, and Newt. And let’s not forget Ripley’s iconic scene in which she’s ready to rumble with the Queen Alien and she gears up in the P-5000 Power Loader and exclaims “Get away from her, you Bitch!”

During the 40+ minute Q & A, Sigourney talks about her ever growing respect for Science-Fiction.
The shock she felt when the idea of a sequel was proposed to her. The differences between Ridley Scott and James Cameron. She touches on the Blomkamp Alien sequel and Prometheus 2, “or whatever it’s being called now.” And during the Q&A, Sigourney said she’s never watched Alien vs. Predator because she “heard that the Alien doesn’t beat the Predator, and I was like, ‘F### that!’”

Here’s almost the entire Q & A with Sigourney Weaver at Town Hall in NYC on 4.26.16. It’s a little shaky at a few points because unfortunately my neighboring fans had to use the bathroom but nonetheless it was a good time and I hope you enjoy the Q & A, and be sure and join in the Conversation after the JUMP!


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