G.I.Joe ‘1983’ Figures Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

The POP-EXPOSE G.I.Joe 1983

The 1983 line up for G.I. Joe set the bar and skyrocketed the series. Along with the comics came a cartoon, and with the success of the 1982 action figure line, they were able to expand and enhance the new line of Joes and their enemy, Cobra. Many staple figures and vehicles were created in 1983 including the unmistakable G.I. Joe base. The Joe base was the face of the cartoon and the playset was just awesome, and the biggest playset at the time. It had a few unique features and was designed to hold the Vamp and the Mauler, and had a separate pad for the new Dragonfly. The Dragonfly was a cool new helicopter designed after the Bell AH-1 Cobra. It had a working propeller and various guns, missiles, and a working tow cable, and the pilot Wild Bill is among one of the all time favorite of Joe fans. We also had the new pilot Ace who provided air support with the F14 Tomcat style jet the Skystriker. My brother had one of these, I remember playing with it at my school out flying it around the soccer field. As an 8 year old kid this was one of the coolest vehicles ever, and has had many remakes over the years.

There was the introduction of vehicles to the enemy as well with the Fang and Hiss tanks. Both which have become staples for Cobra and have had many upgrades and reissues. There was also the Wolverine, Polar Battle Bear, and the APC which was a nice place to store and transport all of your figures. Cobra started to take shape with the addition of Destro , Major Bludd, and the Hiss driver. Along with the Original figures getting a swivel arm the Joe team added a new diverse team with the addition of Torpedo, Snow Job, Gung Ho, Doc, Airborne, Cover Girl, Trip wire, and a leader Duke. Each figure had a unique uniform to accompany there specialty. As a kid I remember looking in the Sears catalog at all the new Joes, but I don’t remember getting any that year for my birthday or Christmas.

It wasn’t till a couple years later my cousin who was a little older gave me a bunch of his stuff that I got a Dragonfly and an Airborne figure . After the success of the pilot year, 1983 was one of the best years for G.I Joe, this was the year that shaped the future of Joe and Cobra. It brought a nice mix of characters and paved the way for years to come.

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