‘G.I.Joe 1985’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. 1985 is arguably the heyday of G.I.Joe. There were other great years, but yes this is one of the best all time years for G.I. Joe. I have way more as a collector then I did as a kid from this year, but this year paved the way for the years to come and all the great figures and vehicles I would receive as gifts. The A.W.E. Striker has become one of the best small vehicles and this mold was used over and over again. The Armadillo was a cool small tank, and this is a nice one to army build. The Bridge Layer was based on a real military vehicle and its really cool if you have a river or canyon the Joes need to get across. The Silver Mirage is one of my favorite Joe vehicles. It was small but it packed a ton of play value and still looks cool in a collection. The Mauler MBT Tank was just an awesome vehicle and I love setting this one up for display.

The Snow Cat Is one of my all time favorite vehicles. This was so cool looking back in the day and I have several in my collection today. The Tactical Battle Platform Is a cool large vehicle/play set. This is one that is cool to set up as a collector and had a ton of play value as a kid. The holy grail for G.I. Joe collectors is the U.S.S. Flagg. This is the largest Joe vehicle and most kids did not have one and most collectors do not own one. This is one I have never seen in person and one day hope to buy one. Cobra had a number of really cool vehicles this year, most became staple vehicles for cobra. The Ferret ATV is one of my favorite Cobra vehicles, this was small, versatile, and having several of them is manageable. The Cobra Flight Pod (Trouble Bubble) was another cool concept vehicle that became a staple vehicle for Cobra.

The Night Landing is a simple vehicle but this is such a cool little boat that this is another one of my favorite Cobra vehicles from this year. The Cobra Moray is a much larger boat and this is just an awesome vehicle. I did not have one as a kid but this was a staple vehicle in the cartoon and I was very happy to find one as a collector. The Cobra Bunker is a cool little outpost for Cobra characters. The Check Point is one of my favorite small playset/vehicles. This has a ton of display value for collectors and is a great guard shack for the G.I. Joe base. This year also had a lot of small vehicles and playsets that were pretty cool, like the Bomb disposal, the Weapon Transport, the Air Defense, the Ammo Dump unit, Forward Observer Unit, and Rifle Range Unit.

I had the Bomb Disposal and Weapons transport as a kid and thought they were pretty cool. These are all cool little pieces to have in a collection. There was also the Sears exclusive C.A.T. & S.M.S. I did not have either of these but the C.A.T. (Crimson Attack Tank) is the Mobat mold but black with red highlights. This one is pretty badass, and the S.M.S. (Sentry and Missile System is a red Hiss Tank with a black M.M.S. and red missiles. These were both pretty awesome especially if you had them as a kid. Last but not least is the mail away parachute pack. This was pretty cool and it was only $1.50 + 2 flag points, that’s a pretty good deal. Overall I think most will agree this is one of the best, if not the best year for G.I. Joe vehicles. I have a ton of memories playing with my friends and my brothers with 1985 vehicles. I do own most of them from this year but I hope to complete this year someday. What is your favorite 1985 vehicle? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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