G.I.Joe ‘1989 Deep Six’ Reviewed By Mitchell Smith!

Today I want to discuss the 1989 G.I.Joe Deep Six. This is such a great figure. The colors and the removable helmet are just Awesome on this figure. I actually have several of this one and it is a great army building deep sea diver. Heads are easily swapped and the helmet fits perfectly with many other figures.

The air pack with this figure has a lot of detail and he also comes with a unique gun. I thought this one would have been a prime choice for a modern update but I don’t believe there was ever one done for this particular suit. This is just one of those figures that I love and I hope G.I. Joe will make a comeback and we will get an upgrade on this figure some day. Who else loves this version of Deep Six? Sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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