G.I.Joe ‘1992’ Vehicles Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. This week we are talking 1992 G.I.Joe vehicles. The 1991 was the weakest since the line started in 1982. Not to say the line was complete crap there were a lot of nice vehicles that year but I thought the 1992 lineup had better vehicles, but still not as good as the eighties. I was 16 in 92 so I was interested in cars, sports, and girls. G.I.Joe was outside on the back porch wondering what the hell happened. Once I got into collecting I naturally looked for what I had grown up with, 80’s stuff. I’m guessing it was around 2005 I found my first 1992 vehicle at our local flea market. Well actually it was the 1992 G.I.Joe Headquarters. This is a pretty nice piece. Compared to the original Headquarters, this one has an equal or greater play value. Somehow I ended up with 2 of them so I need to set all 3 up as one huge base someday soon.

Another cool piece that I don’t own but really want is the Toxo-Lab. This just looks really cool, but it’s a hard to find one. I do have an Eco Strike and this is one of my favorite versions of the AWE striker. There were also 2 battle copters and 2 air commando gliders released that were similar to the 1991 vehicles. There is the Liquidator and the Storm Eagle which I did a full write up on, but really cool designed jets/squirt guns. The Barracuda is a nice 1 man sub. I recently found a second one of these and I think they are really cool. I don’t have a Patriot and the vehicle looks awkward in the picture, hopefully I come across one someday to figure out if this is a cool vehicle or not. The Parasite Looks like a really cool vehicle. I would definitely buy one if I came across one out and about. The Rat. I know this is by far one of the post unpopular vehicles in the franchise. If you put aside the thin plastic and hollow innards I think this could have been a really cool vehicle, I also picked up a second one of these recently in a small lot I found on Marketplace.

The Earthquake is a large vehicle. It is a pretty simple bucket loader. I have one and it is cool looking, but I think they needed to make a dump truck to go with it. Fort America is a cool vehicle. I know a lot of kids had this and not the Headquarters so this is a really cool vehicle/fort for the Joes. The Desert Apache is one I did a full write up on and this is a really cool helicopter. Someday I want to hunt this one down. There was also a mail away APC this year, what else do I need to say about this one? Where were you in 1992? Which 1992 vehicle is your favorite? Where does 1992 rank over all in 1982-1994 vehicles? Sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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