G.I.Joe ‘1994’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Today we are talking about 1994 G.I.Joe characters. Three of my favorites from this year are who I’m focusing on today, but feel free to add your own favorites. Star Brigade Space Shot, Effects, and Gears are 3 of my favorite characters from this year. 1994 was the year I graduated high school, so I did not know much about this year until I got back into G.I. Joe as a collector. I really loved the idea of the Star Brigade and I thought they could have expanded it, but these 3 were really cool original characters for this year. By the time 1994 rolled around there were original uniform designs but most of the characters were just upgrades to characters that had been around for years.

These 3 were new characters with a little different backgrounds then most of the other Joes. Space Shot looks like Saddam and has the background of Han Solo, but I always have loved the look of this figure especially his helmet and pack. I don’t remember seeing him in the cartoon, but he is still one of my favorites from this year. The Gears figure was just Barricade from head to toe with a different color scheme. He would have looked great with his own head but I guess it wasn’t in the budget. The thing I like about Gears is that he helped create Robo Joe. He is a tech genius and I’m not going to dive to deep but he perhaps could have been a part of the Avenger team, LOL.

Last but not least Effects was a completely new figure and character. This is a really cool figure with a cool helmet. He also came with a large projectile weapon that probably is more fun for a 10 year old then an older version of that 10 year old, but nevertheless he is a pretty cool figure. I do not have an Effects figure but I have Space Shot and Gears and overall I like the Star Brigade figures. The whole 1994 lineup has some unique looking figures that may not be for all Joe fans, but I kind of like how some original characters got some wild upgraded futuristic uniforms. Who is your favorite figure from 1994? Sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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