‘G.I.Joe 1994 Vehicles’ By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today has lead us up to one of the most disappointing years for G.I. Joe vehicles, 1994. Although there still was a number of great figures made this year the vehicle lineup was weak. I was heading off to college this year so back in 94 I was rushing frats and chasing girls so I didn’t realize at the time what was about to happen to the greatest franchise in action figure history. So any hoot the 1994 lineup oh yeah baby!!!

The Blockbuster is the first up and I do have this one and it is not a bad vehicle. I think it’s problem is it has an Avalanche and a Snow Cat to compete with. If you have this one, it does go well with the other snow vehicles. The Manta Ray is another one I have incomplete. It is a cool raft but I think I will take a Night Landing please. The Razor Blade is one I had a chance to buy and passed it up. It is a strange looking bird and if I ever come across one again I will probably buy it but I’m not hunting this one down. The Scorpion is one I did a full write up on recently. This is actually a cool vehicle and there are 2 variations if you can track them down.

The Star Brigade Power Fighters are robots that can be manned by one figure that sits inside similar to the SNAKE, I do have a couple non Joe robots similar to these and I think they are pretty cool. Both the Joe and Cobra Power Fighter came with a cool figure which I do have both of those. 30th Anniversary Action Space Capsule is a classic space capsule. This one would be really cool to have. Finally there is the Convention Exclusive APC. This is the classic APC all in green. It is a really cool vehicle and although I don’t have this version the original is awesome. What is your favorite 1994 vehicle? Who has some of the rare vehicles from this year? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.



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