THE POP EXPOSE ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ By Mitchell Smith!

Oh 1990, what a year this was. Times were changing. We were just starting to use computers in school to do reports and what not, and everything was saved to a floppy disc. Cell phones well we called them telephone booths, remember the emergency phone booths on the interstates? War was brewing in the Middle East and George Senior was getting ready to send troops for our first televised invasion of a country. Montana and Rice cleaned house in Super Bowl XXIV, Pistons got their second straight championship, and the Cincinnati Reds knocked off the 1989 champion Oakland Athletics.

We came inside from playing out all day to watch Double Dare and Funniest Home Videos. You Can’t Touch MC Hammer, Bon Jovi went down in a Blazing Glory, and 2 Live Crew was in big trouble for explicit lyrics on pretty much every song they had. Alf aired its last episode and a very popular hit show aired in October for the first time, Beverly Hills 90210. 90210 aired for ten years and was so influential on that era. I remember the first time I saw the show. It was just so captivating. These were cool kids and it was so realistic and so close to my age and it covered many issues I myself was facing in society.

The clothing style spread like wildfire. I remember everyone wearing the light jeans and rolling up the bottom of the legs. For me it was just taking place at the same time as my life was and it was kind of a guide for me and my peers. Although growing up in Beverly Hills was quite different from my country home, I have always loved the Walsh’s front door and was ready to move to Beverly Hills. Weather it was hanging at the Walsh’s, the Peach Pit, or at school this was just one of those shows that was an instant hit. Back before the binge watching days you had to wait a whole week to catch the next episode of what, Brenda, Dylan, and the rest of the gang were up to.

Many of the characters went on to have great acting careers such as Shannen Doherty who starred in Charmed alongside Holly Combs and one of my all time favorite actresses growing up Alyssa Milano. Jason Priestley also has had a good career and is currently in a Canadian series Private Eyes. Sadly the 90210 bad boy and Riverdale star passed away in 2019, and the news was shocking especially to those who grew up with 90210. Although there were many other great actors and actresses on this show I’m going to leave it at those 3, but feel free to add any comments about your favorite character from the show. Did you grow up with 90210? How did this show influence you and your friends growing up? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know!


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