G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Figures hit eBay!


In what is surely a sign that we will soon be seeing the new G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary figures at retail, overseas sellers have begun posting in hand samples of the figures on eBay. Today we have a full gallery of images of these offerings. Check them out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: generalsjoes)

An indication that items are soon to be hitting retail, and overseas seller has posted some auctions for the upcoming G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary product. Every item from Wave 1 (and from Wave 2) are listed for sale, but the more key points are the close up images we have of in hand product. In some cases these overseas sellers get carded samples and open them for sale, so it can be assumed that these are pretty close to production samples. There are certainly some interesting elements to look at with these images.


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