G.I.Joe ‘ACE’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a 1984 G.I.Joe character that my brother had and is one of my favorite characters, ‘Ace‘. Ace is the original air support flying of course one of the best jets the Skystriker. The original Ace had a futuristic suit that looks a little more like a space suit but this is a cool look and I’m glad I was able to pick up this original figure.

Ace has had a number of figures including the really cool and more accurate 2004 figure. There are also several modern figures most of which are the same head mold with tweaked bodied, but I love the V1 Captain Ace best. There are a couple 12 inch versions one looks more like Wild Bill so I use him as Wild Bill. There was not a lot of back story on Ace in the cartoon but I do know he was used in the cartoon and comics.

Maybe the comics elaborated on his back story more but I’m not sure. This is one I would love to see in a 6 inch figure but I don’t see it happening soon or at least soon with a vehicle. Overall Ace has been one of my favorite characters over the years and I hope he makes a grand return. Who are my Ace fans? Do you think there could ever be a 6 inch Skystriker? Sound off below and share your thoughts. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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4 Thoughts to “G.I.Joe ‘ACE’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!”

  1. Kurt Armbruster

    Ace has a special spot in my heart.

    At a $20CAD price point, it was a relatively expensive toy for me. So I saved up my allowance for several weeks, in an anticipation of a forthcoming trip into Edmonton (a good 2 hour drive for us).

    It would be my first “big” toy that I’d saved up this long to purchase.

    We pulled into the mall that we usually stopped at, and I got to the toy dept at Sears as fast as I could to pick it up.

    Getting back to the car, imagine my surprise, pulling out Ace’s file card, and seeing he had my surname!

    He’s been “Cousin Brad” and one of my favourite Joes ever since!

    1. I love hearing stories like this. The best part about collecting G.I.Joe is remembering the good times from our childhood.

  2. David Andrews

    Ace has always been my favorite and still is I have seven skystrikers 3 vintage 5 newer 25th sky strikers .

    1. I agree the 25th Skystriker and Ace is one of my most favorite sets from the 25th line.

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