G.I.Joe ‘Backstop’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Happy Victory Day to all my Canadian G.I.Joe fans. So today I am honoring the Montreal native BackstopBackstop is the Persuader driver. A pretty cool vehicle. Backstop was a bad ass kid. He was bored from hockey in Canada for the amount of injuries he inflicted on other players in school. His parents moved to the US where he boxed and wrestled and same thing happened he was bored from high school sports.

He finally joined the Army and eventually became a Joe. Backstop has a really cool look to him. He has some bright colors but they are dimmed down by the contrasting darker colors so he looks very cool and not too bright. He has a very cool helmet and a cool pistol. I did not have this figure as a kid, but this was in my G.I. Joe heyday, so it was one that I always wanted. I was able to finally get one as a collector and he looked just as good as I remembered him all those years ago. Who had Backstop and the Persuader as a kid?

How did this rank against the other vehicles from this time? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Have a safe holiday all, and make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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