G.I.Joe ‘BATTLE FORCE 2000’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Happy Friday all. Today I’m taking a look at the G.I.Joe Battle Force 2000 vehicles. Back in 1987 the year 2000 seemed like it was decades away, and the futuristic vehicles that combined to make a base was ingenious. As a kid I only had the Dominator. This is a cool snow vehicle that splits into a cool tank and the sidewall of the base. I loved this one and I always wished I could get them all. The Vector jet is probably the most underrated Joe jet.

This is a really cool jet and the rear separates to form the front turret and main defense of the base. The Marauder is an interesting looking motorcycle that splits into the bike and the air defense for the base. This is a bit odd looking but definitely fits the futuristic vehicle profile. The vindicator is another futuristic looking vehicle. This splits to make a sort of non bladed helicopter and the radar station for the base. It’s an interesting looking vehicle and I’ve found lots of these at flea markets and yard sales. The Eliminator is a cool jeep. This has a classic feel with a futuristic spin on it.

You can pull the missiles off the back and use it more like a truck if you wish and the split piece makes a cannon and control station for the base. Last is the Sky Sweeper. This is one of my favorite vehicles. The rear piece makes another canon station to defend the base and the main vehicle is a tracked vehicle with a canon and missiles. I also have found a few of these at flea markets and these are cool as a flatbed transport without the canon on the back.

Over all I love these vehicles and their components that transform to make a base. As a kid these were awesome and as a collector I find them to still be really cool and fun to set up. What is your favorite Battle Force 2000 vehicle? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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