G.I.Joe ‘Breaker’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

image courtesy of 3djoes.com

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m going to get into another one of my favorite original G.I.Joe characters, Breaker. I did get an original Breaker as a kid. He is the original communications soldier and what made him stand out to me as a 7 year old was his mic. I believe he was the only Joe to ever have this accessory. The mic was hooked to his radio pack with the signature black hose. My older brothers were very rough on things and Breaker got lost or broken as many of our original Joes did in those days. I did find another around 1985.

I grew up in a small town and this lady Joan had a flea market in her house and there were a couple original Joes she was selling for 25 cents and I ended up with one of my favorite characters from the straight arm line up. Well I guess honestly I love the whole 1982 line up. He had a few nice upgrades over the years. In 2005 he got a comic figure with a classic uniform but they upgraded his headgear to a cell phone kind of lame but kind of cool I guess. I think this figure would have looked awesome with an upgraded head set, but this one is still cool but not sure I like the shaved look.

2008 was another great year especially for Breaker. This version came with the classic mic and on the end was a removable bubble to show Breaker blowing a bubble with bubble gum as he was notorious for in the comics and cartoons. Overall Breaker is a great character and one of my all time favorites. Who else had an original Breaker? Who else loves Breaker? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Check back tomorrow for the next G.I. Joe discussion.

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