G.I.Joe ‘Bullhorn’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Image courtesy of 3djoes.com

The year 1990 was the last year I received G.I. Joes for Christmas. I was in high school so it was just a natural part of life. I cherished all the Joes I had and this was a pretty cool year for G.I. Joe. I did not see any of the cartoons from this year till many years later, so I was in deed on my way to leaving my Joes behind. I was active in sports, work, and partying so my Joe world came to an end. The last 5 Joes I got were pretty cool. Bullhorn, Ambush, Top Side, Rock Viper, and S.A.W. Viper.

Out of these 5 Bullhorn was always my favorite. He just had a cool look to him. He had very cool weapons and his back opened up to reveal a rifle that needed to be assembled. This has always been one of my favorite features of this figure. He had his signature helmet and of course the bullhorn. His uniform was really well put together with a nice paint scheme and his face made him stand out among the rest. I did not know much about the character at the time because of my lack of seeing him in the cartoon, but he is just a unique figure and he is now one of my favorites. I now have most of the figures from this year and the whole lineup was pretty cool. I also was able to get the DVD and watch them in the cartoon, so many of the characters came alive for me once I watched them on TV. Bullhorn is still one of my favorites even though there are so many greats in the 1990 lineup such as Captain Grid Iron, Stretcher, and another one of my all time favorites Skydive. I never had these as a kid so I think that is why I’m a bit partial to the 5 I did receive. Who are my Bullhorn fans? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Check back tomorrow for another G.I.Joe discussion.

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