G.I.Joe Cartoon Series Sn. 1 Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m talking about season one of the original G.I.Joe Cartoon Series. It’s one of my favorite seasons and they did a great job all around. There were some flaws but maybe they left those in to see who would catch them. Growing up Saturday morning was Smurfs, Snorks, and shows like that. Afternoons after school it was Scooby Doo and the Flintstones. When GI Joe came along this was a whole new idea on cartoons. I military group who’s primary goal was to keep the world safe from all evil but mostly from the power of Cobra. The first season had a seventies feel with the commentating, animation, and voice acting but it blossomed into the eighties and dominated the dance floor for many years.

My favorite part of the whole series is the diverse group of fighters. They promoted feminism right from the get go as Scarlett starts the show with a flyby and brushes it off like “oh were you boys scared”, as Duke goes to kick her butt. The Skystriker and the whole flyby was popularized years later in the movie Top Gun. A lot of the vehicles where toys or soon would be toys for parents and kids to buy up.

The vehicles and figures produced were all true gold. There were a lot of vehicles used in the first season that did not get made but I think later down the line that creative, futuristic concept type vehicle really showed through and there are a ton of really cool vehicles. The music in season one uses a lot of horned instruments to capture the mood of the scene and the characters were casted perfectly to suit every character.

Overall season one captivated millions and started a nation of G.I.Joe fans. Season 1 to me still is cool and interesting every time I watch it. Who loves season 1? Who is excited for a new animated series? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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