G.I.Joe Classified 6″ Scale Vehicles Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

The G.I.Joe 6 inch figures G.I.Joe Classified, are starting to trickle into retail. So far they look pretty cool. I always find that in hand is a much better way to assess figures as opposed to looking at an image. I do have some other 6 inch lines I collect such as Star Wars, Marvel, and DC.

This scale just looks great. One thing that has always made the 3-3/4 inch line thrive are vehicles. So I’m wondering if there are thought of vehicles and can they manufacture vehicles that won’t take up a ton of room and be affordable by the everyday average Joe. Personally I think they can release some nice vehicles that are signature G.I.Joe vehicles and keep the price reasonable.

I think first there needs to be a success with the figures and with all the Joe customizers out there I think that the 6 inch Joes will fly off the shelves. So first off I think a small vehicle like the Silver Mirage and Ferret would work perfectly, for water a think the Devilfish and Night Landing, and for air the Jump and Cobra Claw. These are just a few vehicles that I think would work and be at an affordable price. What vehicles would you like to see for the 6 inch figures? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check out our next discussion.

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