G.I.Joe Classified ‘Storm Shadow’ Review with Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m checking out the 2022 G.I.Joe Classified Storm Shadow. First little story, my kids had to get up at the butt crack of dawn July 3rd to shove off with their aunt, so I decided to make a quick Walmart run. Now I have a Walmart close to my house but a little voice in my head said oh we always have good luck at the other one that’s 15 minutes away.

So I listened to that voice with low expectations, low and behold I almost jumped out of my skin when Stormy, Spirit and the Cobra Officer were sitting there. Then Storm Shadow wouldn’t ring up at the register so luckily the lady let me ring the Cobra Officer twice and not pull that, “oh these aren’t released till 2 weeks from now bs.” Anyhow this is an awesome figure. Anyone waiting for him to come in, he does not disappoint. Now anyone that picked up the Snake Eyes movie Storm Shadow will have the swords that look a bit more realistic and go nice with this figure.

Not that his swords are bad just a different look with the movie swords. I also have this cape from a Marvel figure that I think looks cool and gives him a whole new look. Over all this figure is great and I hope everyone waiting or looking will find one soon. Who would love to see Joes and other figures back at retail at a much larger scale? All the pre orders and back orders got me shacking like a baby rattle. Make sure to check back on our next discussion.

G.I.Joe Classified Storm Shadow!


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