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Hasbro Reveals Epic Lineup: Yo Joe June 2024 Highlights Unveiled!

Yo Joe June kicked off today with an exciting stream from the G.I. Joe Hasbro team. They changed things up this time by showcasing nearly everything in the first week. Today’s highlights included mainline Classified releases such as Storm Shadow V2, Iron Grenadier, Iron Grenadier BAT, and Alpine. In the Retro line, they revealed Cobra Commander with a vac metal face, Stalker, and a classic Cobra Trooper. On the exclusives front, we saw Marauders Lowlight and Spirit, Marauders Slaughter, and the Cobra Stinger. Additionally, they shared renders for Saw Viper…

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G.I. Joe Inside the Filecards Featuring ‘Footloose’!

Story by Staff Writer ‘Shaft’ Today I am starting with the G.I. Joe class of ’85. We will look at Footloose today. He is listed as “Infantry” for his PMS and “Special Services (basketball coach)” for his SMS. Obviously he is an 11B Infantryman however for his special services I could not find anything US Army related to that kind of “specialty”. If Hama was intending for some of these to be skills the Joes picked up in the civilian world prior to military service then he probably should have…

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