G.I.Joe ‘Cover Girl’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m getting into the G.I.Joe character, ‘Cover Girl‘. I was looking into trying to do a 6 inch custom and I realized that She has 2 or maybe more hair colors. So is she a natural blonde or does she dye her hair. Maybe she is a natural red head and dyed it blonde. Perhaps she is neither and had brown hair. In the original cartoon Cover Girl sported a more green outfit with blonde hair but the figure had the tan outfit with the red hair, or brown depending on the light.

I was never into the comics but it appears the original figure is based off the comic not the cartoon. The 2009 movie version sports the blonde hair and the only 2 other figures of her are 2006, which a stupidly passed on picking her up at TRU, but she had brown hair, and the 2013 exclusive that has red hair. Either way Cover Girl is an awesome character and I think she is one of the most underrated female Joes. I did do a 12 inch custom Cover Girl, and now trying out a couple head swaps on a 6 inch Lady Jaye body for an original cartoon version.

All in all I like Cover Girl with any color hair and oh I almost forgot the original came with a sweet vehicle. Who loves Cover Girl? Which head do you like best on my custom? Sound off below and share your thoughts. Make sure to check back for other stories and reviews


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