G.I.Joe ‘Crusader’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

 I did not have a G.I.Joe Defiant as a kid and I have never seen one in person, but I did have a Crusader. This is one of my favorite vehicles. It’s a bit on the large side, but it does not take over a room. This is just a cool vehicle all around. The main cockpit is fairly detailed and holds 3 Joes. There is a lot going on behind the cockpit that made this shuttle awesome. The 2 door open up to reveal a mini 1 man space shuttle, I guess this would be considered an exploration shuttle.

There is also some nice detail inside including the bottom hatch which that was one feature I loved as a kid. This vehicle came with the yellow version of Payload. The figure looks very sharp and I love the helmet. He also came with a pack that could be attached to the shuttle by an umbilical cord so a Joe could go out into space to repair or explore an object that might be floating around. I still have my Crusader from my childhood but it is missing some tail fins and thrusters but this is one that I will cherish for years to come.

Years ago I was able to visit the Kennedy Space Station in Florida and when I first saw the space shuttle suspended in the ceiling, the first thing I thought of was my Crusader. I loved the space Joes and I wish they would have expanded a little more on the space figures and vehicles. Just saying a rover would have been awesome. Did anyone else love this shuttle as a kid? Check back tomorrow for our next discussion.

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