G.I.Joe Falcon Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m looking at one of my favorite G.I.Joe figures and favorite characters. Falcon was an instant hit for me as he was one of the main characters in the 1987 “G.I. Joe the Movie”. I think part of my love for him was he was voiced by Don Johnson. I was a huge Miami Vice fan and Don sold the character right away.

The figure had an awesome uniform, back pack, and his shotgun was pure gold. The character was built around a Joe team that had become very relaxed and their guard was non existent. This lead to a full blown attack on Joe base and got Falcon sent to the school of Slaughter. I love my O-ring figure much more than the 25th anniversary style but they both have a lot of great display value. Falcon is one of my all time favorite characters and in my top 20 for figures. Who else loves Falcon sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know? Check back tomorrow for our next discussion.

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